A great short story

Beautiful stories belong to everyone. Here is one that I found in a book – Writing down the bones, by Natalie Goldberg – and I immediately loved it. In its simplicity, it was a moment of beauty on a hectic day.


“One summer I was a forest ranger for four months in Oregon. For all that time I lived alone, and since there was not a living soul around, I was practically without clothes. I lived in the heart of the forest. By the end of the summer I was very tanned and very calm. At the end of August, I was crouched down to pick berries from a bush, and suddenly I felt a tongue licking my shoulder. Slowly I turned my head. It was a doe, who licked my sweat from my back! I stood still, then the doe stood beside me, and we both ate the berries of that bush in silence. I was amazed that an animal could have so much confidence in me.”



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